In many forms of photography shooting from the floor is advantageous. In wildlife, getting to eye level with subjects creates a much better result and taking images of people can add an interesting perspective.

However, there is a problem with seeing how low you can go. Yes, laying on the floor. Dust, dirt, mud and lots of other substances you don’t want to even think about infest the ground and if you want to look through your viewfinder you need to get down and dirty. Or do you?

I spent more years than I care to remember getting odd looks from passers by or disparaging comments about the state of my clothes when I got home so I started to look around for solutions.

A very simple solution is always carry a small tarpaulin around and it can be laid on the floor, thus stopping the photographer  from grubby clothes syndrome (or GCS as its called in out house). But that’s not always practical, especially in a woodland when photography fungi in a confined space.

Then a few years ago I hit upon a handy little gadget called the ZigView S2

It basically puts a flip out LCD onto an SLR camera. so the camera can be on the ground and you don’t have to be. I’ve photographed all sorts of things from ground level including fungi, insects, floawers, birds.

They aren’t cheap, but they are effective.  To prove it, below is a selection of recent fungi images taken with the aid of the Zigview and when I got home GCS wasn’t even an issue.

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