2012 really started yesterday. Since the New year, I have been sat in front of a computer mostly going through hundreds of pictures and experimenting with various html codes. I was, in short, redesigning my website, online life and professional outlook.

I wanted my online portfolio to be future proof. That meant sadly leaving Flash behind. Apple’s dominance in the artistic and media industries means I had to allow potential clients the chance to view my work on the ipads. Photographers around the world use these devices to show off their work, but few, it seems, are ready to give up the interactivity Flash provides on the web. Strange then that they can show their work on their own ipads, but don’t allow others to view it on theirs.

ipads don’t read Flash files so I had to find a solution. I still wanted the slick interactivity that Flash provides, but I wanted my work to be viewed on an ipad and also to be full screen. A lot of my time was taken up at the beginning with research. I tried several different angles and approaches and finally settled on Jquery, a Javascript library and I allied it with a piece of code called Supersized. It had everything I wanted, I just didn’t know how to work it.

That took some time, but I’m not unfamiliar with html code, so with a lot of swearing, hair pulling and keyboard banging I eventually pulled my sluggish computer skills into the 21st century.

Then came the task of picture choice. I have many strings to my photographic bow. I shoot all manner of subjects, but there is one overriding factor, a coal seam that runs through my strata of work, I guess you could say, and it is artistic. Be it a shark, a person, a scene or an object, I try and give the subject an artistic slant.

Today’s cameras, be they embedded in a phone or sit under a thousand pound price tag, can all produce a well exposed, pin sharp picture. Some will even find a face in the picture and focus on that no matter where it is. Some wait for a smile before taking the shot, I bet there’s even one that waits for the subject’s eye to be open too. If not, there probably soon will be.

Back when working with film, achieving these elements where part of a photographer’s skill. We aimed for well exposed, sharp pictures and if the composition was pleasing to the eye then all well and good. These digital days though as different. Art is back.

In the film days I liked to experiment with different films, different exposures and different ways of working with the medium. I looked for the art in photography and now there’s a resurgence in the professional realm of art and experimentation.

When photography got easy there was an influx of people who figured they could take a decent snap and so tried to make money from it. Pictures got sharper, Photoshoping got slicker and sadly, the quality of the image in my view had a heart attac. When I say quality I don’t mean its crispness or its colour saturation. I mean its impact.

Were Henri CartierBresson‘s images always pin sharp. No! where they poor quality pictures. Hell No! He was a master with a camera, the softness of the image, the movement blur of the subject all added to it to ensure the viewer was left enthralled by the moment he captured.

So when I started selecting images for my portfolio I chose ones from an artistic point of view, rather than prettiness. I have thousands of pictures of all kinds of things that are sharp, correctly exposed and well composed, but I lacked passion for them because they didn’t tell the right story. That’s why I chose what I did because I have passion for them.

So I hope you enjoy my selection and if you don’t like any of the images, don’t worry, because I’m not, we all have different perspectives, likes and dislikes.

Changing blog

As well as a new website, this blog will change slightly too. Many blogs are just the PR of the owner; a way to sing their own praises. But I want my blog to be more than that. I want to share information, so you will find hints and tips that I’ve picked up through my years as a photographer. I hope you will gain from it.

I will inform people of new posts on here through my FB page a www.facebook.com/pages/Gavin-Parsons-Photographer/46409729087?ref=mf