There’s a wonderful tool for photographers I found recently, which may revolutionise the reduction of copyright theft on the web. Up until recently I used to put a description of my most copied pictures into the Google search engine and see what came up. More often than not, I’d find at least one case of theft.

Sometimes these are hard to pin down as I sell through picture libraries as well so websites can buy the rights to the images legitimately, but it doesn’t hurt to send an email to check that out.

However, I’ve recently been introduced to the Google image search widget called a bookmarklet which will do all the hard work for you. Simply follow the instructions on the page which is a case of dragging the bookmarklet to your bookmark’s browser in the top of your screen and then open up a page of your images – could be on a picture library, Flickr, facebook, Google+ etc and click on the icon.

That will cover your images in a weird looking double question mark icon. Click on that and the Google system searches the web for that picture and pictures similar in make up.

For photographers everywhere it gives you the opportunity to see who is using your pictures. Get it, install it and search. Then nail the people who think stealing from photographers is ok.