While out shooting in Falmouth Bay yesterday on board the charter boat Obsession (www.specialisedcharters.co.uk)  we came across the superyachts coming out of Famouth for the Day’s racing in the Pendennis Cup.

I took the opportunity to capture some atmospheric images as the  super yachts were beautiful and the lighting yesterday was so dramatic. I shot in RAW knowing I’d convert to Black & White once back home. This yacht is called Mariette, a 1915 era ex-America’s Cup vessel owned by Patrice Mourreau. It still wins races even now.

We only had a few minutes to get the shots as the vessels were preparing to race and I was on another assignment, so we made a few passes and I worked out what I wanted to capture. Most of my assignments often have an element of surprise in them and unexpected opportunities that I like to take advantage of.

I hope you like the images, some of which will be on my portfolio site soon.

If anyone knows the owner, perhaps they could show him this as he might want to see the pictures. They are, after all, a bit different from the normal yacht racing images.