Yesterday and today have been a rarity. Snow has come to my little part of Dorset and when that happens, work on the renovations stop and I head out with a camera.

I haven’t had time to think about what to photograph or set anything up this year as I’ve been busy trying to finish the house so I went after my favourite plant which I’d already seen starting to blossom – the snowdrop.


For many years I’ve hoped to find snowdrops in flower at the same time as snow and this was finally my year. There is a small patch which grows about 5 minutes walk away so that’s where I went first. I’d seen them the day before and knew they were almost ready. So at 9.30am I was kneeling in cold snow as large flakes fell from the sky. As they hit my face I could feel pinpricks of coldness. It was a lovely feeling.


I manged a few shots of the extremely small patch of flowers and then went for an almighty walk in the snow. I photographed basically what I came across, which isn’t the usual way a pro does things, but I had no choice. Next time I’ll be prepared to photograph birds of prey, deer, garden birds and anything else my image libraries are crying out for.

Today I had to get to the small village of Compton Valance which is famed for its snowdrops. I went for a walk and found a few poking up through the snow. The light was tricky as it always is with snow, and I dialed in between +0.7 and +1 stop exposure compensation. Without doing that the camera will read the snow as 18% grey instead of white and will create a dark image.

The drive home was a bit tricky, but made enjoyable by finding a spot to photograph buzzards next time it snows. That may be later this year, it may be next year. who knows, but I’ll be ready.

Snow in Chilfrome, Dorset