© Gavin Parsons. All rights reserved

© Gavin Parsons. All rights reserved

I apologise for the lack of a Behind the picture last week. I was too busy to create one. So sorry about that. This week’s behind the is a bit different as it is not from my archive, but rather a picture I took just a couple of days ago. This year the celandines in Dorset have had a bumper year. Last years incessant rain allowed them to grow like they’ve never grown before. They like damp soil and we’ve got a lot of that.

On Saturday I went for a walk along the river looking for insects to photograph and ended up half buried in the bank of a local lane photographing the celandines. I’m not one for just straight flower photography, I find them a bit boring, so I like to get in among the flowers and look for interesting angles with lots of out of focus elements to create an ethereal feel to the image.

This one I was pretty pleased with as it is more like a painting I think than a photograph.

It was shot with a 60mm macro lens along with a ZigView viewer which, as I;ve said before, means I can get the camera at a really low angle without lying in the mud.