I have a page on my website that says info. It gives the details most would be employers would want. So I’ll skip those snippets of my life and tell you who I really am.

I started out as an 11 year old when a premium bond I was bought as a child won £1000. With it I bought a camera, nothing fancy just an Olympus OM10, a couple of lenses and a flashgun. But that one moment put wood on the fire of my passion for the natural world that has survived to this day.

Wildlife photography (both above and below the water) defines who I am. It has moulded my life and I hope it continues to do so. I strive for creativity and while that is not always rewarded with accolades and awards, I find ‘s the most satisfying way to photograph the world around me. That’s one reason I guess why I have embraced the iphone and Instagram app, which has put a lot of fun back into photography for me.

It’s having the same effect as my move to the country is having on my wildlife photography. It’s reawakening my passion for creativity, which I hope you’ll see as this blog develops.