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Fishing tails is a website ( run by fishing guide Sean McSeveney. Sean appeared on the first King Fishers programme that has aired on the Discovery Channel recently. He landed the largest White Sturgeon I have ever seen in the first programme.

He guides and fishes the coast around Weymouth and Portland in Dorset, UK and throughout the summer I’ve accompanied him on several trips to record his life as a fisherman.

Last week we had a cracking early morning photo session. We started with a perilous scramble down the cliffs on Portland. The weather wasn’t looking promising and heavy rain was forecast for the day ahead. The sea conditions were looking good for bass fishing, which is all a fishermen thinks about. A photographer though looks at the light and I wasn’t keen. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As the sun came up, a break in the cloud cover produced a stunning sunrise and even as the cloud cover moved over us, the light produced gave me something different to work with.

The water was rough enough to produce a decent amount of surf, which we both used to our advantage. Sean loves fishing in these sorts of conditions and I made the most of his willingness to get soaked by the large waves.

I chose my moments carefully, I’m not a machine gunner when it comes to using the camera. I watched the waves as Sean did and took a few rapid shots as a large one beat against the rocks and exploded in a pile of Spume.

I now have a collection of images I am happy to show and while this is still a work in progress I thought I’d share the pictures which can be seen at



I’ve recently been working with a local fishing guide on a new selection of portfolio images. I hooked up with him and a couple of his guests on a beach near Weymouth a couple of weeks ago. The fishing conditions were challenging and so too were the photographic ones.

A sea mist was rolling off the English Channel and kept messing around with the light levels, light conditions and the drama of the setting, but over the course of the afternoon I managed to collect a decent set of pictures that I am happy with. You can see a few on my portfolio website at

I liked the challenging conditions almost as much as scrambling over slippery rocks, wading through water a little deeper than my waders and swatting flies away from my eyes. (I’m serious I loved it all). It was a great afternoon and I’m looking forward to the next shoot.